What’s the point of doing more theater in NY (or anywhere for that matter) unless it’s going to be something utterly different and invigorating - not just for shock value, but also in substance and style.   Something that will haunt you long after you’ve left the theater, and continue to visit you at odd hours of day or night.  In the easy and golden age of streaming entertainment, the Plank Theater strives to reclaim the forgotten and patient art of paying close attention to the immediate world around us; namely, the Plank hopes to immerse its audience in a living space populated by actors who are not shy about exploring and interpreting the grand elusive metaphors that at once give meaning to life, as well as providing a good dose of fun in the process. 


This will included a variety of new and challenging works, mixed in with playful monthly cabaret productions and new works readings, plus special events.    


Our work here offers to be the planked and porous membrane between the magical and the day to day we take for granted; a suspenseful tension between what’s at our fingertips and the greater animating mystery that helps us hold and feel things in the first place.

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